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Our Commitment

While information is the foundation for providing you with superior service, protecting the privacy of your personal information is of the highest importance to us. We believe that responsible stewardship of the information entrusted to us is crucial in developing and maintaining the public trust which in turn is essential for our continued success. We are sensitive to your privacy concerns, and are committed to letting you know what kind of personal information including credit reporting information, information provided to us by credit providers is being collected and how the information is being used.

Moneylenders Credit Bureau

The Moneylenders Credit Bureau is operated by Experian Credit Services Singapore Pte Ltd ("Experian"). Experian is part of a group of companies, whose parent company is Experian Plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange ("EXPlc"). EXPlc is the global leader in providing, data, analytics, marketing and credit services and related software to organisations and consumers to help them manage the risk and reward in making every day commercial and financial decisions. For more information, please visit the Experian corporate group's website at www.experiangroup.com.

Moneylenders Credit Bureau is a credit bureau under the Moneylenders Act (Chapter 188), and does not collect, use or disclose your personal information other than as part of its credit reporting business. You should be aware that other entities within the Experian may also collect, use and disclose personal information not related to credit reporting. The Experian Privacy Policy (http://www.experian.com.sg/privacy-statement) sets out how these entities deal with your personal information.

To ensure Experian acts in an open and accountable manner in operating the Moneylenders Credit Bureau, this Privacy Policy provides information as to how we manage your personal information including:

  1. the kinds of credit information that we collect and how we collect that information;
  2. the kinds of credit reporting information that we hold, and how we hold that information;
  3. the kinds of personal information that we usually derive from the information we hold;
  4. the purposes for which the body collects, holds, uses and discloses credit reporting information;
  5. how you can access a copy of the credit reporting information we hold;
  6. how you can seek the correction of such information and your rights to correct; and
  7. how you can complain if we don’t meet our legal obligations and how we deal with such a complaint.

This Privacy Policy only covers Moneylenders Credit Bureau at www.mlcb.com.sg

What credit information do we collect and how do we collect it?

As a credit bureau, Moneylenders Credit Bureau collects and holds information relevant to your identity and information relevant to how a Licensed Moneylender ("Moneylender") has interacted or is interacting with you or has provided or provides credit to you to the extent these things are permitted by law. This information may include:

  • details of your financial and credit dealings with Moneylenders;
  • details of your dealings with Moneylenders;
  • prior instances of non-payment or collection activities;
  • name (and change of name), address (and change of address) and other contact details ;
  • queries of your credit information made by moneylenders;
  • details of your NRIC and passport.

There may be circumstances when we collect additional details from you for the purposes of servicing your request, for example contact details. We would request that if you have a matter with us which is outstanding and your contact details change, that you contact us to provide us with your new information.

Moneylenders Credit Bureau collects your personal information to enable us:

  • to provide our products and services to those parties who are authorised under the Moneylenders Act to access your credit information;
  • to provide you with your credit report when you ask us to do so;
  • to test the accuracy of the process by which your information is provided to us, updated and loaded into our systems and the credit bureau; and
  • to conduct research into the use of bureau product and services.
How do we hold your information?

Once collected, Moneylenders Credit Bureau holds information in a secure Singapore data centre. The Moneylenders Credit Bureau data is only accessible by authorised Experian employees who are specially trained in security and data handling policies and protocols to Experian's business standards and the credit reporting obligations under the Moneylenders Act.

Experian and its affiliated entities recognise and acknowledge the importance of keeping the personal information and data that it holds, secure and protected from unauthorised access. To do this, industry standard security and encryption processes and technology are utilised to ensure that access to information is only provided to those employees who need to have access in order to perform their role. Access is also provided to users and subscribers of the products and services we offer and any law enforcement agency with whom we are required by law to provide the information.

How does my information become a Credit Report?

Moneylenders Credit Bureau uses the credit reporting information it holds to prepare your Credit Report. The Credit Report may include:

  1. your identification details including name, (former names) and address (former addresses);
  2. details of any defaults reported to us;
  3. comprehensive credit reporting information including details of late or missed payments reported to us;
  4. the number of queries made on your credit reporting information by Moneylenders.
Our use and disclosure of your personal information

Moneylenders Credit Bureau may hold, use and/or disclose your personal information only for those purposes which are permissible under the Personal Data Protection Act. Generally, credit reporting information is disclosed in the form of a Credit Report in response to a query from a Moneylender.

Moneylenders Credit Bureau may also hold, use and disclose information for lawful purposes, including the purposes permitted under the Personal Data Protection Act which include:

  • where you have provided consent to a party to use or access your credit reporting information generally for the purpose of providing services to you and assessing an application for consumer or commercial credit, mortgage or trade insurance, or where you are looking to provide a personal guarantee;
  • for your Moneylender to assist you with credit related products and services;
  • where you have provided consent to a third party to access your information on your behalf;
  • where we are required to do so under Singapore law or a court order;
  • where your personal information is de-identified and used for research and other purposes where permitted by law.

We may also use your personal information to test the accuracy and efficacy of the system and data processes by which it is provided to us including for inclusion in the bureau and in relation to our provision of products and services.

Access to your credit reporting information

You are entitled to request access to review the credit reporting information we hold in respect of you.

To request access you should send us a request with the following details:

  1. proof of your identity;
  2. if you have authorised a third-party to act on your behalf:
    1. Your identification document;
    2. proof of identity of the third-party whom you have authorised; &
    3. a written statement signed by you authorising the identified third-party to receive the information on your behalf.

We may require you to provide further information to reasonably verify your identity and/or to identify your credit reporting information from our systems (including details such as previous names, addresses and identity details). Once we are reasonably satisfied of your identity or your authorisation, we will notify you of your options for accessing your credit information file.

Requests for credit reports are generally fulfilled within 1 business day of you contacting us.

Experian will charge you a fee to access or obtain a copy of your credit reporting information from the Moneylenders Credit Bureau. Should you require a copy of your credit file, please purchase it online at www.mlcb.com.sg using your SingPass or visit one of our offices at:

Experian Credit Services Singapore Pte Ltd
10 Kallang Avenue
#14-18 Aperia Tower 2
Singapore 339510


If you believe that information we hold about you may not be up-to-date, accurate or complete, you may apply to us for a correction of that information. To make a correction request you should:

  1. apply for access to your credit reporting information to ascertain that information is not up-to-date, accurate or complete;
  2. note the specific information you seek to correct and provide all reasonable details of why you believe the information is not correct, complete or up-to-date, accurate or complete;
  3. attach all relevant materials which support your belief that the relevant information is not correct, complete or up-to-date, accurate or complete.

On receipt of this information we will investigate and use all reasonable endeavours to resolve the issue within 10 business days from receipt of your correction request. We may require further information or details from you to complete our investigation of your request. Depending on the nature of the correction we may require further information from or the assistance of another party such as a Moneylender to investigate or resolve the correction request.

We will endeavour to complete this process within 10 business days and after this time, will advise you of the outcome. Where the investigation is complex we may seek your agreement to allow more time for the investigation and resolution. Where following our investigation we determine that a correction is warranted we will take all reasonable steps to correct our records.


Moneylenders Credit Bureau prides itself on the level of customer service we provide and takes every effort to ensure our compliance with the Moneylenders Act and Personal Data Protection Act. Should you feel that we have breached our obligations, we ask that you first raise the matter with us by sending us a notice with the following:

  1. identifying who you are;
  2. details (if known) of the obligation (code, law or contract) you feel we have breached;
  3. providing reasonable information about the breach and the circumstances of the breach.

On receipt of a notice we will refer the matter to our investigation team. You may be required to provide additional information or documents supporting your complaint. We will endeavour to investigate and provide you with notice of the outcome of our determination within 14 business days.

If your concern relates to the correction of information we hold about you, we would request that you seek a correction in accordance with the process described above before submitting a complaint.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our investigation, you may escalate the matter to the Registry of Moneylenders using the details below:

Telephone number: 1800 2255 529
Contact Us @ OneMinLaw

Further information

This Policy Statement reflects general information on how we:

  1. comply with our obligations under the Moneylenders Act and Personal Data Protection Act;
  2. collect, hold, use, disclose and manage your personal information; and
  3. provide credit bureau services to our clients and to consumers.

This Policy Statement is not legal advice and is not intended to replace the rights, duties and obligations a party has under the Moneylenders Act and Personal Data Protection Act. Nothing in this statement is intended to create or impose rights, remedies or obligations additional to those set out in the Moneylenders Act and Personal Data Protection Act. All reasonable care has been taken by Experian to prepare and keep this statement up to date, however, the information contained in this policy is not intended to be a warranty or representation or otherwise to create any legal contractual relationship or obligations between you and Experian.

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